Ranco Reversing Valves series: Phase out of all existing series


RANCO division of four-way reversing valves has been acquired in 2007 by SANHUA and since then four-way reversing valves have been produced under RANCO and SANHUA brand name. 

Now, SANHUA has decided to stop of the production of four-way reversing valves under RANCO brand name. 

Starting from June 2016 all the RANCO reversing valves C, N, V, VH series will be officially in phase out and deliveries of RANCO valves will be managed only based on residual stock availability until the end of 2016. 

Therefore, all actual customers of RANCO valves should contact local SANHUA office as actually Sanhua offers as alternative, the new SHF valves, as innovative 4-ways reversing valves range with SANHUA brand. The use of SHF range will bring you some important benefits, such as:  

•Wider range with nominal capacities from 3 to 420 kW (R410A, working condition 2)

•Better lead times due fully industrialized production process  

•New design of the slide optimized for the partial loads. It makes SHF range suitable for usage with variable refrigerant flow systems.

Contact your local SANHUA office in order to support you commercially and technically during changeover.